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We protect your privacy. You should be able to feel safe when you entrust us with your personal data. That is why we have established this policy. It is based on current data protection legislation and clarifies how we work to safeguard your rights and your privacy. The purpose of this policy is for you to know how we process your personal data, what we use it for, who may access it and under what conditions, and how you can exercise your rights.


We process your personal data primarily to fulfill our obligations to you. Our starting point is not to process more personal data than is necessary for the purpose, and we always strive to use the least privacy-sensitive data. We also need your personal data to provide you with good service, for example in terms of marketing, follow-up and information. We may also need your personal data to comply with laws and perform customer and market analyses. You have the right to object to us using personal data for direct marketing. When we collect personal data about you for the first time, you will receive more information about this and how you can object to it.

Guidelines, What personal data do we process?

We only process personal data when we have a legal basis. We do not process personal data other than when it is needed to fulfill obligations according to agreements and laws. Here are examples of the personal data we process: Name, Address, Email, address, Phonenumber, Age, Date of birth, Sex Title, Username, Photographs, Bank-related information, Information that you registered yourself and voluntarily provided Content that you publish yourself, so-called user generated content.

How do we get access to your personal data?

We try as much as possible to obtain your consent before we start processing your personal data. You consent to treatment by accepting our general terms and conditions. When you agree to our general terms and conditions, you also agree, to us processing your personal data. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. We will then no longer process your personal data or obtain new ones, provided that it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations according to agreement or law. Keep in mind that withdrawal of consent may mean that we cannot fulfill the obligations we have in relation to you. We also get access to your personal data in the following ways: Data that you provide us directly Data recorded when you visit our website Information we obtain from public records Data that we receive when you hire one of our employees Data that we receive when you register for our courses or seminars Data that we receive when you sign up for newsletters and other mailings Data that we receive when you respond to surveys and surveys Data that we receive when you contact us, apply for employment with us, visit us or otherwise contact us.

What information do we provide to you?

When we collect your personal data for the first time, we will inform you about how we obtained the personal data, what we will use it for, what rights you have under data protection legislation and how you can take advantage of these. You will also be informed about who is responsible for the processing of personal data and how you can contact us if you have questions or need to make a request or request regarding your personal data and/or rights.

Your rights to access, rectification and erasure

  • Right to access your data. You can request a copy of the information you would like to know and verify the information we hold about you. The copy is free to request.

  • Right to rectification. You have the right to correct incorrect or incomplete information about yourself. Right to be deleted (“the right to be forgotten”). You have the right to request deletion of your personal data in cases where the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. However, there may be legal obligations for Edlund & Partners, which prevent us from immediately deleting parts of your data. These obligations come from accounting and tax law, banking and money laundering law, but also from consumer law. What we then do is block the data that we are obliged to save, from being used for purposes other than fulfilling such legal obligations.

Is your personal data processed in a reassuring manner?

We develop routines and working methods to ensure that your personal data is handled securely. The starting point is that only employees and other people within the organization who need the personal data to perform their tasks should have access to it. In terms of sensitive personal data, we have set up special authorization checks, which means a higher level of protection for your personal data. Edlund and Partners’ policy is not to request sensitive information, which means information about criminal background, race or ethnic origin, physical or mental health, unless there are legal grounds for this, for example in employment or recruitment. Our security systems are developed with your privacy in focus and protect to a very high degree against intrusion, destruction and other changes that may pose a risk to your privacy.

Vi har flera policyer för IT-säkerhet för att säkerställa att dina personuppgifter behandlas säkert.

Vi överför inte personuppgifter i andra fall än de som uttryckligen anges i denna policy.


Where do we process your personal data?

Edlund and Partners always strives to process your data within the EU/EEA. However, in certain situations the data may be transferred to, and processed in, countries outside the EU/EEA by another supplier or subcontractor. As Edlund & Partners is committed to always protecting your data, Edlund & Partners will take all reasonable legal, technical and organizational measures to ensure that your data is handled securely and with an adequate level of protection comparable to and at the same level as the protection provided by offered within the EU/EEA.

How long do we store your personal data?

Edlund & Partners strives to minimize the time we save your data. We save your data only as long as it is necessary to carry out our contractual obligations towards you and as long as required by statutory retention periods. When we save your data for purposes other than our contractual obligations, e.g. in order to comply with anti-money laundering, accounting and regulatory capital requirements, we save the data only as long as it is necessary and/or legally required for the respective purpose.

When do we release your personal data?

Our starting point is not to disclose your personal data to third parties if you have not consented to it or if it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations under contract or law. In cases where we disclose personal data to third parties, we draw up confidentiality agreements and ensure that the personal data is processed in a reassuring manner. Agencies. Edlund & Partners may provide necessary information to authorities such as the police, the tax office or other authorities if we are obliged to do so by law or if you have consented to us doing so. An example of a legal obligation to provide information is for measures against money laundering and terrorist financing. Divestment. Edlund & Partners may share your information with third parties: In the event that Edlund & Partners sells or buys business or assets, Edlund & Partners may provide your personal data to a potential seller or buyer of such business or assets. If Edlund & Partners or a significant part of Edlund & Partners’ assets are acquired by a third party, personal data about Edlund & Partners’ customers may be shared.

What we will NOT do with your data.

We will not sell your personal data to third parties unless we have your permission to do so.

Employee responsibility to apply the policy

Edlund & Partners’ employees have received training in handling personal data and a review of the policy. All employees themselves are obliged to familiarize themselves with and follow the policy.


Edlund & Partners is responsible for personal data, which means that we are responsible for how your personal data is processed and that your rights are taken care of. The policy also describes your rights towards us and how you can assert your rights. You can always contact us with questions about privacy and data protection by sending us an email at info@edlundpartners.se.