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External audit

External audit

Being an entrepreneur means a lot of demanding and responible work, running the business and at the same time finding new opportunities and managing risks. We understand what entrepreneurship means – we are also entrepreneurs in our industry, which gives us a good insight into your everyday life. With us as auditors, you can feel secure in your business decisions and focus on your core business. Our auditors and advisors familiarize themselves with the challenges your company and industry face, in order to contribute to increased growth and profitability for you and your company.

If you need help with auditing financial reports or advice, we have outstanding auditors and advisors ready to help.

For us at Edlund & Partners, auditing is not only about increasing confidence in your company’s financial reports. The audit is also aimed at how we can help you and your company moving forward. With the audit as a basis, we can minimize risks and find new opportunities for your business.

In addition to the audit serving as a quality stamp for the company’s reporting, our work also focuses on being helpful with improvement proposals for your business and for you as a business owner and entrepreneur.

We use the experience we gain about your company during the audit process. This is to be able to deliver good advice regarding risk management, taxes, routines,  strategies and other improvements. Our ambition is always to provide valuable suggestions so that your company can grow and develop.

If you operate in other countries, we can help with audit assignments and advice outside the country’s borders through our network TGS Global. As our client, you get access to both local expertise and our extensive national and international business network.

Review engagements

Review engagements

Do you want a receipt on that you are doing the right thing? Many companies have a need for review engagements other than a full audit. Perhaps you lack an auditor or need proof that you meet certain specific legal requirements.

With our review services, we help all types of companies, organizations and public services to get a certificate that they are doing the right thing in a certain respect. It is common, for example, when it comes to certifying information to stakeholders or when auditors’ opinions are needed to meet requirements in legislation for dividends, issues, mergers, company transfers or in connection with obtaining support and grants.

For example, we offer the following review services:

  • General review of financial reports or interim financial information

  • General review of sustainability reporting

  • Review according to special agreement

  • Other opinions according to special legislation, for example in the case of non-cash issues or mergers

Sustainability reporting

Sustainability reporting

Audited sustainability reporting instills confidence. An audit of the company’s sustainability reporting contributes to increased transparency, credibility and structure.

As sustainability issues are growing in importance, the stakeholders demand that non-financial information is verified in the same way as the financial information. As auditors and an independent party, we can review and certify your company’s sustainability reports. Our collaboration with TGS Global (Think Global Sustainability) means that we as a company work with the UN’s sustainability goals in focus both internally and for our customers. Second opinion reporting – If you have prepared a sustainability report, we can prepare a GAP analysis of what is missing for your report to be the best in the industry. Contact us to discuss how we can help review and develop sustainability reporting for your company.

General review

General review

A general review may be relevant for companies that have opted out of audit and where, for example, creditors and suppliers require an independent review to assess the company’s financial position and capacity to pay at a certain point in time. The service is, compared to an audit, a limited form of review aimed at investigating whether your company’s financial information contains any material errors.

The auditor analyzes the accounts using, among other things, key figures and interviews with responsible persons, instead of carrying out an in-depth review of booked transactions and other documents.

As with a special purpose audit, the auditor states in his report, which is available to the company’s stakeholders, a clear conclusion from the review.

A general review means that the auditor:

  • obtains knowledge about the business

  • makes inquiries about applied accounting principles 

  • makes inquiries about accounting procedures

  • performs analytical review

  • makes inquiries about decisions at general meetings, board meetings etc.

  • reads and assesses the financial reports

  • makes inquiries with executives who are responsible for the financial reporting.

In the report on the general review, the auditor must either state that no circumstances have emerged that lead the auditor to believe that the financial statements do not give a true and fair view, or describe the circumstances that have come to the auditor’s attention that mean that the financial statements do not give a true and fair view and if possible quantify the effect.

Stock market listing

Stock market listing

The path to the stock market is based on experience and preparation

Are you and your company considering an IPO? You, as an owner and an entrepreneur, have a lot to gain from being well prepared before deciding to start a listing process and from being well versed in the requirements placed on listed companies.

Edlund & Partners has senior advisors with extensive experience for you who are considering listing shares on a stock exchange or another marketplace. Through contact with our experienced and committed advisors, you will get an account of the listing process from a customers perspective.

Pre IPO - marketability

Pre IPO - marketability

Being well prepared is essential for an efficient and successful listing process. A company is considered ready for the stock market only when the listing requirements are met. Preparatory work can sometimes be underestimated, which can interfere with the listing process.

We can perform a marketability review prior to the listing process, based on our knowledge of common issues and listing requirements. Our review is summarized in a report with proposed actions for the board and management. Through collaboration with Edlund & Partners, you get access to the experience, competence and network that you need to be able to list your company.

Contact us to find out more about how we can take your company to the stock market together with you.